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Index Asset & Trading is one of the leading marketplace for the world’s next generation of investors and traders. You can join our list of top investors and earn directly from our online trading and getting paid as a fund manager. As a Top Investor in Index Asset & Trading, when your investment pattern are copied by other people, you earn fixed payments and up to 2% of their annual assets under management (AUM). These are in addition to any profit(s) made from own trading and investment. Our most successful TOp Investors also enjoy 100% spread rebate on all their trades and all Top Investors payments are credited as real and are immediately withdrawable funds.

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The program is built from 3 levels, starting from Cadet until you reach the top and join the Elite. Each level has it's own benefits and requirements.

In the Cadet level investors earn spread rebate only, the next 2 levels are based on a minimum number of referrals and copiers and a fixed monthly payment in addition to the spread rebate. Elite investors are also paid according to their AUM on the last day of each calendar month and there are no limits on your monthly earnings. Index Asset & Trading Top Investors Program is simple, structured and designed to give investors the tools for professional development and improve your earnings. The more clients you get to invest or refer to Index Asset & Trading, the more you will be paid.

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Level Cadet Champion Elite
Trading Account ---
Monthly Payment $1k $2k $5k + 2% AUM
Spread Rebate 20% 50% 100%
Fee Free Withdrawals --- ---
Access to AUM $50k $150k Unlimited
Reponsible trading
Minimum AUM $500 $200k AUM >=800 AUM
Minimum time in level 90 days 90 days 90 days
Minimum referrals(copiers) 50 100 >=200