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Index Asset & Trading is among the first global market place for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, forex & binary options, asset & fund management, indices and the hottest initial coin offerings (ICOs) online in the simplest, transparent and most reliable way.

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Today we have over 1 million users in more than 100 countries worldwide to manage their funds through our innovative online investment platforms with thousands of new accounts created every day.

Whatever your investment style or financial goals are, Index Asset & Trading can offer you modern tools to take your investment further. Through our social media network, Index Asset & Trading gives it's clients the opportunity to learn and interact with both individuals and cooperate organisations in our network in real time thus promoting sustainable trading and investment and also encouraging you to recognize that trades and investments involves risk. Furthermore, we enlighten you on the precautions to take to minimize your risk exposure as past performance is not an indication of future results.

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With Index Asset & Trading you have the following advantages:

Simple to use platforms

Tools & guides to responsible trading and investment

Personalized service for each customer

Learn and follow the best traders and investors

Start investing and trading with minimal experience

Our Approach

Globalized Reach with Personalized Experience.

At Index Asset & Trading, we are committed to delivering uniquely rewarding investment and trading experience to all of our clients by providing you with the flexibility to be yourself while connecting you with people and markets worldwide. Index Asset & Trading's have a wide range of innovative web and mobile portfolio management platforms for every level of trading and investment expertise with unlimited possibilities for you to connect with others in the pursuit of your individual financial goals. Truly, past performance is never an indices of future results.